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18 februari 2022 | Neel

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life

My name is Neel and I am Floor Manager at Schiphol. I have been working at Zeelz since June 2021. The first two months I worked as a Promoter and in August 2021 Zeelz offered me my current role: Floor Manager of the Promotions Team at Schiphol! I love Zeelz because it has an eye for its employees’ professionalism. The diversity and variety that Zeelz has, is unique. The clients of Zeelz are, for example, Kappé (Perfumes & Cosmetics), Rituals and the luxe (international) Cosmetic Companies at Schiphol, Bijenkorf & Douglas across Netherlands. Zeelz listens to your work wishes and offers you the appropriate shifts. You can indicate which timings and location you prefer. At Zeelz you are your own boss! 😉 I absolutely enjoy working at Zeelz and appreciate the development opportunities a lot!

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